Fleet Management

Gestão de Frotas - carros

GEOCAR its a complete fleet management solution, that allows the real-time location and state of light and heavy vehicles and their respective drivers.

GEOCAR solution has proven results of high performance, scalability, reliability and availability, that are the result of a set of reference projects already implemented in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.


Gestão de Frotas - app

GEOCAR allows economize:

Fuel – change in driving habits, routing optimization, speed and RPM control.

Communications – GPRS communication with drivers on the road, reducing voice calls and SMS.

Resources – term maintenance and tax obligations, direct communication avoiding manual entry.

Time – real time vehicle location, quick interpretation of the fleet’s status.

CO2 Emission – ecodriving.

Application Areas

Services / transport / industry

Complete fleet management / machines / drivers with location and alert in real time, fuel consumption, working hours, distances, associated costs, historical analysis, reports and graphs, CAN / ODB II data, route optimization and services management.


Municipal solid waste management

Collecting in the field of local containers and optimizing the collection route; remote monitoring of the status of containers and power take or alternative engine of the collection vehicles.


Emergency vehicles

Response time reduction by locating the nearest vehicle and ensuring that the team gets to the right place on time.

For more information about GEOCAR please contact us, or download the product presentation